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נגנית נבל הג'אז והקלאסי גתית בועזסון, אמנית ויוצרת, מורה באקדמיה למוסיקה בירושלים, מעוררת רוח חדשה בעולם הנבל הישראלי


תגובות להופעה "קולות ילדות", ירושלים, 10.7.12

Hello Gittit,
Never, truly never, have I attended a musical evening so carefully planned and performed, giving such cultural pleasure, with so many amazing surprises. The glorious specter of olden generations blazes its trail towards a great future.
Chmouel Goldschmidt


Greetings to you, dear Gittit,

I returned yesterday full of excitement and                          pleasure from your recital. Indeed, it was an    

unusual experience for me. Brava to you for the creative, original and beautiful arrangements you have made. The theme you have chosen was very moving… Your playing was sweet to my ears. I had no idea one can extract such sounds from a harp. You were at your best, leading with confidence all other players.

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