Gittit Boasson is a harpist, performing and teaching music

spanning from the middle ages up to our days, from classical

to jazz and popular music. She teaches harp at the Jerusalem

Academy of Music and Dance and at the adjacent Conservatory.

Many of her students are winners of prestigious prizes and

competitions, including the AICF excellence scholarships, 

the Israeli Harp Contest, Paul Ben Haim competition, and the Chase Foundation. Gittit gives numerous concert-workshops demonstrating the harp, in institutions as “Rimon” jazz school, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University, the institute of contemporary music, and the Jerusalem Music Academy. She has also been teaching for many years musical theory and piano.

Gittit has won the Prize of the Head of the Academy in Jerusalem in 1995, as well as first prizes in concerto and string instruments competitions over three consecutive years. She was a recipient of the AICF scholarships from 1987 ‘till 1995. She completed her B.Mus. degree in classical harp playing with distinction at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, under the guidance of Irena Kessler. She completed her M.Mus. degree in jazz harp with distinction at the same institute, guided by Mr. Ittai Rosenbaum and Mr. Yuval Cohen, a degree first of its kind in Israel, and among the first world-wide, supported by the Beatrice Cohen Fund. At present she completes a M.A. degree at the Musicology department of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Her thesis research deals with the transition from the Ashkenazi to the Sephardic accent in songs composed in Israel at the outset of the 20th century; she is guided by Prof. Naphtali Wagner. Her study was aided in 2012 by an excellence scholarship.
Gittit Boasson has performed with almost all Israeli orchestras most of the main solo repertoire for harp, as well as Israeli compositions and her own arrangements for harp and orchestra. Among the orchestras are the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, the Israeli Camerata Jerusalem, and the Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra, under such conductors as Maestri Mendi Rodan, Avner Biron, Ilan Schul, Ilan Volkov, Daniel Cohen and Aharon Harlap. She has played with all Israeli ensembles of contemporary music: Musica Nova, the 21st Century Ensemble, Kapryzma, and Meitar ensemble. She also performs her own arrangements, in a dazzling variety of styles – from classic to modern, jazz to ethnic – with the myriad chamber ensembles she is active in. She recorded a CD and performed with “Knessiyat Hassekhel” Rock group.
Gittit records regularly for the Israeli Broadcasting Authority classical music station “Kol Hamusika”. She performed premiere recordings of many composers, as Paul Ben Haim, Amy Ma’ayani, Ben-Zion Orgad, Yin’am Leef, Lior Navok, Eitan Steinberg and Boaz Ben-Moshe. 10 CDs with her playing were issued thus far, featuring classical music (both solo playing with orchestra and chamber music), Contemporary music, popular music and music for theater. Nowadays she is in the midst of creating a CD in which she performs and arranges musical traditions of her own ancestors.
Gittit is married to the conductor and violist Amos Boasson; she is a mother to Nuria, Tahel and Zohara.

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12.9.14 - סדנת קצב ממקומות שונים בעולם לנגני נבל (גם נגנים בכלים אחרים מוזמנים).
הסדנה תתקיים בשעה 11:00 במרכז הנבל "המיתר של איילת", רחוב ענתות 14 תל אביב,
לרגל חנוכת הסטודיו החדש במרכז. 
16.9.14 - קונצרט צהריים בתיכון האקדמיה למוסיקה ולמחול בירושלים.
בתכנית: "מסביב לעולם עם הנבל ב- 45 דקות".
הקונצרט יתקיים בשעה 12:00 באולם נבון בבניין תיכון האקדמיה בגבעת רם, ירושלים.
15.10.14 - פסטיבל אבו גוש, בשעה 15:00.
האופרה אורפאוס ואורידיצ'ה מאת גלוק, בביצוע תזמורת סולני הגליל.


28.10.2014 - יום שלישי, ירושלים: אולם הנרי קראון, בשעה 20:00.

29.10.2014 - יום רביעי, כרמיאל: היכל התרבות, בשעה 20:30.

30.10.2014 - יום חמישי, רחובות: אולם ויקס במכון וייצמן, בשעה 20:00.

01.11.2014 -  יום שבת, תל אביב: מוזיאון תל אביב לאמנות, בשעה 20:00.


תזמורת קאמרטה ירושלים עם קוליה בלכר - כינור (גרמניה), בוריס ברוט - מנצח (קנדה).
היידן / סימפוניה מס' 22 (הפילוסוף) 
ארתור פוּט / סוויטה לתזמורת כלי קשת 
גרשווין / "פורגי ובס" סוויטה לתזמורת קאמרית (בעיבוד: אבנר דורמן) 
אלסנדרה סלבטי / "שירים מאֵלֵאָה" (בכורה עולמית) 
ברנשטיין / סרנדה בעקבות המשתה של אפלטון
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